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pyxem’s Documentation#

Pyxem is an open-source project working to bring together tools for the analysis of electron diffraction data, in particular data acquired from pixelated electron detectors. With its roots in the HyperSpy community, pyxem has an active community of users and developers who are working to provide advanced and state-of-the art tools for the analysis of 4-D, 5-D STEM and other pixelated electron detector data.

Getting Started

New to pyxem or Python? The getting started guide provides an introduction on basic usage of HyperSpy and how to install it.

User Guide

The user guide provides in-depth information on key concepts of pyxem and how to use it along with background information and explanations.


Documentation of the metadata specification and of the Application Programming Interface (API), which describe how pyxem functions work and which parameters can be used.


Gallery of short examples illustrating simple tasks that can be performed with pyxem.


Tutorials in form of Jupyter Notebooks which show full workflows for specific tasks.

Developer Guide

pyxem is an open-source project and we welcome contributions of all kinds!